About us

Foundation are an independent coffee roaster, good vibes provider and equipment supplier based in St Ives, Cornwall. We are passionate surfers and adventurers who love where we live.

Foundation Coffee Roasters - Cornwall

Right from the start, our mission was to create high grade speciality coffee using the best possible ethical practices with minimal environmental impact. Now, after a lot of hard work (and a little help from our friends), we are finally making that dream a reality.


Sourcing ethics

Honesty and transparency in business (and in life) is important. It’s why we prefer to deal with coffee farms and mills directly. It means we can see where our coffee comes from, listen to the team and ask questions, all while nurturing sustainable working relationships for the future.

Foundation Coffee Roasters - Coffee Roaster

Roasting coffee

All of Foundation’s beans are roasted using our Giesen W15A. Roasting up to a sack of coffee an hour, this trusty bit of kit is efficient, consistent and eco-friendly.


Local community schemes

St Ives Community Orchard is a tranquil, beautiful little nature reserve promoting biodiversity, not only providing habitats for local wildlife but also encouraging everyone to enjoy the outdoor space and pick their own fruit. Here at Foundation, we will be dropping off all the chaff (essentially the coffee bean ‘skin’) from the roasting process to mulch the fledgling apple trees.

The New Yard restaurant at Trelowarren Estate offer a complete ‘plough to plate’ experience, with complete traceability for all their meats. Continuing their passion for sustainability and quality produce, owners Jeff & Caroline recently created a walled garden, which will be hosting open days for growers. We will be sending as much of our coffee grounds over as possible to help increase the nutrients within the walled garden. We have also volunteered to help turn the gardens over in Spring.

We want to keep our empty 60kg coffee sacks out of landfill at all costs. Contact us if you would like to repurpose any for craft or community projects.

Supporting the wider coffee community

We care about people and the planet. We deal directly with our suppliers, and always pay more than the Fair-trade price for our coffee. Doing so means more money for farmers, their families and local communities. Everyone wins.


Responsible packaging

Our 330g coffee tubes and labels are printed with low solvent inks, they’re completely recyclable. The tube inners are home compostable. Once used, they will break down into biomass, water and carbon dioxide. We didn’t want to be another ‘walker’s crisps’ bag supplier, so we made sure to fill the tubes to the top. Less wasted space, equals more delicious beans for extra tasty brews.

Deliveries with a difference

All our wholesale coffee orders are delivered in 1kg recyclable bags or reusable 4kg plastic buckets. These are delivered by drivers with established routes (at the moment this is through St Ives Food Co). This means no single journeys for lightweight deliveries. Any wholesale orders outside of these areas will be fulfilled by a courier with regular, established routes, keeping our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

Carbon offsetting

Our goal is to be a completely carbon neutral company. We’re currently researching ways of moving towards that through carbon offsetting programmes and will share further details soon.