• Beacon

    Tastes like: Cocoa, honeycomb, stone fruits Origins - El Salvador El Ingenio, Colombia Sol Bohemio, Guatemala Todosantarita Milk promotes inherent sweet flavours. A vibrant, full bodied espresso or long black. Medium roast  
  • Halcyon

    Tastes like: Vanilla, black cherries and dark chocolate Origins - Peru Frontera, Brazil Aracacu, Guatemala Tecuamburro A balanced, full bodied coffee with syrupy sweetness. Exceptional espresso. Sublime through milk. Medium/Dark roast    
  • Koke

    Tastes like: Grape, coconut, blackberry, silky body Region – Gedeo Variety – Heirloom Altitude – 1870-1900 masl Process – Washed, dried on raised beds
  • Tastes like: Red berries, cocoa, rich body, balanced sweetness Region - Copan Altitude - 1450-1600masl Variety - Catuai Process - Swiss water process  
  • Mchana AA

    Tastes like: Blackberry, candied lemon, fruity sweetness and complex finish Region - Kiambu County Farm/Producer - Mchana Estate Variety - Ruiru 11, SL28, K7, Batian Altitude - 1800-2550masl Process - Fully washed  
  • Pard

    Collaboration is key, two origins at harmony. Our Chemex and espresso dreamboat blend. A real beauty! Tastes like: Juicy, Funky, Fruits, Hints of Citrus and Caramel
  • Poderosa

    Big bold and beautiful dark roast. Tastes like: Dark chocolate, currants, tobaccos Wake up when it's a little bit darker.  
  • Tapir Andino

    Tastes like: Blackberry, chocolate, mango, syrupy body.  One hefty, juicy banger. Region – Chiclayo Variety – Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra Altitude – 1350 - 1890m Process – Red Honey  


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