Evolve (CO2 Decaf)


Peru Naranjillo and Honduras Finca Ventura CO2 Decaf


Tasting notes

Chocolate, dried fruit and brown sugar, well balanced



Our decaf blend is a perfect balance of Peru and Honduras.

The blend provides a decaffeinated coffee that boasts the delicious benefits of great coffee growing countries.

A luxurious, velvety smooth body and an exceptional aroma of warming spices. Finished nicely with an impressive sweetness and gentle acidity.

The beans been through a CO2 process to remove the caffeine. A natural process involving zero nasties or chemicals. All the flavour with less of the buzz, perfect for an afternoon/evening brew.

About our packaging: Our 250g and 1kg bags are both Omnidegradable® and home compostable. It will break down into biomass, water and carbon dioxide.


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