Finca Muxbal


Tastes like:

Honey and sweet peaches. Smooth and buttery bodied

Region – Tapachula, Chiapas

Altitude – 1430-1680masl

Arabica variety – Bourbon, caturra

Process – Washed, sun-dried




Coffee was introduced to Mexico during the 19th century from Jamaica and since then the country has become the fifth largest producer in the world, with an output of around 5 million bags per year. It is grown mainly in the southern states of Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas. Around 75% of production takes place on small farms or less than two hectares and as such, much of the country’s coffee is produced by cooperatives. In addition there are estate grown coffees, particularly in Chiapas, Mexico’s largest coffee producing state and it is from here where we source the fantastic Finca Muxbal.

In the local Mame dialect, Muxbal mean ‘place surrounded by clouds’, and it was the name chosen for the most unique coffee farm. It stands proudly on the slopes of the active Tacana volcano on Guatemala’s northern border. The farm is managed by mother and son team Maeggi Rodriguez and Jorge Gallardo. It was purchased in 1959 by Maeggi’s father, Don Enrique, a man who was very much a pioneer of his time. He introduced three key principles that remain as important today as they were then: social responsibility, environmental sustainability and the production of very high quality coffee.

Much of the farm has been given over to a breathtakingly beautiful nature reserve – a gorge where icy mountain waters flow through a jungle that teems with life. To allow access to the farm, which stands on a plateau above the gorge, a feat of engineering has been achieved in the form of a road that has been carved into the cliff-face. The 4×4 climb up this winding track is absolutely not for the faint hearted but the brave are rewarded with a visit to one of Mexico’s best coffee farms.


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