Igale Ipyana


Tastes like:

Blackberry, red grape, juicy, silky body

Region – Songwe, Mbozi District

Farm – Smallholder farms, Igale Coop

Variety – Bourbon

Altitude – 1700-1800 masl

Process – Washed, sun dried


This Bourbon derivative is a deliciously refreshing coffee, it boasts a light balanced acidity with a creamy and buttery body. Perfect for filter brewing but also suitable for those who enjoy a light, bright espresso.

This coffee comes from the Igale AMCOS (the local term for a cooperative, abbreviated from Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society) in the Mbozi district of Songwe in Western Tanzania, near the border with Zambia. Specifically, 443 producers from the villages of Idiwili, Ilomba, Iyula, Idunda, Ipyana and Igale contributed cherry.

Traditionally the cooperative has collected home–processed coffee, but this season they have decided to invest in an eco-pulping machine and produce some of its coffee as fully washed as part of a focus on increasing the cup quality.


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