Jairo Rodriquez


Tastes like:

Raspberry Jam, Papaya, Red Apple.

Region – Nariño

Farm – La Tormenta

Variety – Castillo

Altitude – 2150 masl

Process – Washed




High above in the Andes mountains sits the town of Buesaco, within Nariño, the well-known coffee-producing region in Colombia. Nariñois one of Colombia’s 32 departments, and thanks to its rich soils and cooler climates –it is a pristine area for coffee production.

La Tormenta, the farm where this lot comes from, is situated here, and is run and owned by Jairo Rodriquez, after inheriting the land from his father. Jairo was born and raised in Buesaco with his four brothers. However, due to political turmoil in the area, Jairo and his family fled to the neighbouring statein search of work and safety. He ended up in Putumayo, where he found work in the cocoa fields. Upon their return in the 2000s, the family divided the farm amongst the brothers.

Jairo soon realized that the high altitudes and nutritious soils were ideal for coffee production. He thus removed the existingcrops and replanted with coffee. To his surprise, Jairo and his brothers are now responsible for some truly remarkable coffee in the Nariño region.

This coffee is carefully and evenly harvested by hand before beingtransported to the mill. The coffee is then washed and left to ferment for 36 hours to breakdown the exterior mucilage. Once the fermentationis complete, the coffee is dispersed on raised beds in the open sun to dry. After drying is complete, the coffee is hulled and rested prior to export.

This coffee was selected due to its high quality,by our partners in Colombia, Pergamino Coffee Exporters. Mercanta has worked with Pedro and Leo (Director of Coffee at Pergamino) for many years and has greatly supported their quality-improvement work with small producer organisations. By working with small scale producerssuch as Jairo, Pergamino and Mercanta ensure a better price for producers, as well as highlighting the work that small coffee producersin Nariño, Colombia are doing to improve the quality of their coffee.


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