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Tastes like:

Mango, juicy cherry, cane sugar, chocolate. 

A solid Rwandan, tastes as good as it sounds.

Region – Shyorongi

Variety – Bourbon

Altitude – 2000+ masl

Process – Washed



The AA Microlot lot is a separation from the 633 farmers that are currently using the Kinini washing station, chosen from trees at altitudes of 2000masl and above, and with screen size 16+. The terroir is provably excellent for producing coffee, with neighbouring areas producing Cup of Excellence winning coffees.

Coffee is picked and brought to the Kinini washing station (newly built in May, 2016) where it is separated from the other lots to be treated depulped using a four disc McKinnon pulper and fermented from between 5 to 20 hours, depending on the decision of the quality manager monitoring the fermentation. The coffee is then sun dried for an average of 15 days, depending on the intensity of the sun.


1 review for Kinini

  1. Thomas Godfrey (verified owner)

    Really flavourful and interesting coffee. I love the mix of juicy fruit flavours with the comforting chocolate, caramel notes. Makes an excellent espresso, pairs well with milk, and makes a super fruity V60 too! Easily one of the best coffees I have ever tried. Can’t wait to try more from this roaster!

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