Nyamasheke Gihombo


Rwanda Nyamasheke Gihombo

Region – Nyamasheke

Altitude – 1600-2000masl

Arabica variety – Red bourbon

Harvest period – March – May

Milling process – Washed, sun-dried

Aroma – Fruity

Body – Buttery, rich

Acidity – Juicy

Tasting notes

Stewed fruits, cacao, coconut, sweet


Gihombo wet mill is a privately owned washing station that was built in 2006, but only became fully functional in 2011. Located near the shores of Lake Kivu in the northern part of the Nyamasheke district, the station’s cherry collection area ranges in altitude from 1600 to 2000 masl. All coffee is processed using a 800kg/hr Penagos eco-pulper, dry fermented for 12 hours, and then dried on raised beds for 15 to 22 days. Gihombo is supplied by a group of 320 farmers from the sectors surrounding the washing station and averages a production total of around 30 tons of parchment annually.

About our packaging: Our 250g and 1kg bags are both Omnidegradable® and home compostable. It will break down into biomass, water and carbon dioxide.


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