Rusber Quisaboni


Washed Pink Borbon. An unreal flavour journey.

Tastes like:

Grape juice, pomello, peach, honey




– 24 hours anaerobic fermentation in plastic bags.
– 24 hrs anaerobic after depulped
– Washed once and dried in marquesinas for 15 days.

Buena Vista is a small farm with 8 hectares hidden in the mountains of San Adolfo, a 2 hour drive from Pitalito on rocky dirt roads. 1,850m high.
San Adolfo is an area in the Acevedo municipality of Huila department, in the south of Colombia.

Pink Borbon was born here and became part of San Adolfo’s identity, as a result many producers from thisarea have organized local competitions and events for this specific varietal.

Producer Rusber has benefited from this communal initiative, becoming one of the first farmers in the region who focused entirely on an outstanding Pink Borbon micro lot production.

This varietal is a hybrid between red and yellow Borbon, despite the challenges to cultivate it with consistency and its meticulous plant maintenance, Producer Rusver explains that it became very popular due to its resistance to rust, its good yield, as well as its sweetness, complex and floral taste.

It is very exciting to come to this area of the country where many people stand up for this varietal.



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