Taroka AA


Region – Songwe

Altitude – 1300-1800masl

Arabica Variety – Bourbon derivatives N39 (90%) KT423 (10%)

Harvest Period – June-August

Milling Process – Washed, sun-dried on raised beds

Aroma – Sweet 

Body – Rich

Acidity – Lively

Tasting notes

Blackberry juice, tea, red grape, complex


Taroka is a cooperative we’ve tasted coffee from over the past 3 years. Previous years, the coffee was pulped with small handpulpers. This year, the cooperative in collaboration with our supplier invested in a Penagos pulper due to the large growth of members.

After being pulped, the beans are size-separated in washing channels, fermented for 18 to 36 hours and then fully washed in the channels. They’re then soaked for 8 to 12 hours and dried in the sun on raised beds for 8 to 14 days.

We expected the coffee to increase in quality and they sure delivered on the promise. The coffee is much cleaner, fresh and delicate.


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