Yenni Esperanza


Washed/Thermal Shock Castillo

Truly a stunning coffee.

Tastes like:

Passionfruit, coconut sugar, lychee, florals

Farm El Paraíso – Villa Esperanza
EST.2009, Cauca Región, Tambo Municipio

Altitude – 1730.

Cultivated Area: 10 Hectares

Cultivated Varieties: Gesha, Moka, Java, Maragogype, Rume Sudan, Borbon Rosado, Castillo

Shading: Carboneros Gigantes, Nogal, Yarumas 30%

Drying Method: Marquesinas and silo



Yenni’s family owned a farm that was isolated, but Yenni and her brother Diego saw the opportunity to grow coffee there. While Diego was doing his studies on Agricultural Enterprise Management, Yenni was involved in the farm experimenting and researching on processing.

Today Diego’s name is well known around the world and Cata Export wants to give Yenni a voice too, as her work has also influence the great success of Finca Paraiso.

Yenni and Diego have managed to create new innovative technologies in order to keep the consistency of their outstanding cup profiles, benefiting not only their farm but neighbor farms too, creating a great community of producers in Cauca.

Finca Paraiso grows Borbon, Laurina, Gesha and other exotic varietals but Castillo is the varietal Yenni would like us to represent from her farm, mainly to change the bad reputation of this varietal

First phase, anaerobic cherry fermentation for 48 hours in tanks. Second phase, anaerobic mucilage for 48 hours. Drying for 34 hours, with air recirculation at a controlled temperature.


1. Harvesting 95% ripe cherries, 5% red cherries (semi ripe).
2. Wash the cherry with ozonated water to decrease the load microbial.
3. first phase of anaerobic cherry fermentation for 48 hours in tanks with pressure relief valve at a temperature of 18 degrees centigrade.
4. depulpe.
5. Fermentation second phase: Anaerobic mucilage for 48 hours at 21 degrees.

6.Washed with thermal shocks (in order to transfer and fix the aromas), Firstly, water at 40 degrees then water at 12 degrees.
9. Controlled drying for 34 hours, with air recirculation at one temperature of 35 degrees centigrade and relative humidity of 25%,
up to reaching a grain moisture between
10% and 11%.



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